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The Patchouli Plant: Benefits & Uses You Need To Know About!

The Patchouli Plant: Benefits & Uses You Need To Know!

Admit it! You already heard about patchouli essential oil. But do you know about the patchouli plant? Well, according to ancient medicine techniques, this plant has several purposes and benefits. It is a plant species from the Lamiaceae family, the one in which you will find oregano, lavender, and mint. So, the patchouli plant is used for several purposes, ranging from perfume to aromatherapy. Read on to find out everything you need to know about the patchouli plant and essential oil.

Why is the patchouli plant different?

Patchouli is a native plant from Southeast Asia. It is a lovely bush herb with small pale pink flowers. And according to ancient Asian medicine, this plant was vital in treating several ailments. It stands out to its robust and fragrant aroma, which is why it is frequently added in aromatherapy. 

Both the oil and patchouli leaves have distinct purposes. Its dried leaves are believed to be efficient in repelling moths, while the pure patchouli extract has aphrodisiac properties. 

How is patchouli used today?

Everyone recognizes the smell of patchouli plant. But do you know how it is used today? Well, there are several products available on the market, which feature high content of patchouli extract. 

- Patchouli plant extracts are great in perfumes. They have a long-lasting and robust aroma, which is why it is included in many soaps, lotions, shampoos, and perfumes.

- Household cleaners have plenty of patchouli extract, as it counteracts the pungent smell of industrial products.

- Insect repellents feature more than 50% of patchouli plant extracts in their composition, as it keeps mosquitoes at bay while nourishing the skin.

- Plenty of aromatherapy essential oils has patchouli extract. Patchouli essential oil is recommended for dry skin, but it is known for its ability to soothe and relax the muscles.

What are the potential health benefits of patchouli?

Mood enhancing

The main benefit of the patchouli plant is related to its ability to boost your mood. The essential oil made from this plant stimulates the production of dopamine and serotonin, which is why it can help you keep at bay anger and anxiety. 

Sleep enhancing

Smelling the patchouli plant or essential oil before sleep can act as a sedative. Some studies show that massage or a warm nighttime bath in patchouli essential oil can soothe your nervous system and promote relaxation. Implementing this routine can help you overcome insomnia and the inability to fall asleep. 


The smell of patchouli can stimulate sensual energy, which in turn increases libido. Some studies suggest that patchouli essential oil increases the production of sex hormones testosterone and estrogen

Digestive aid

Patchouli essential oil promotes the secretion of beneficial digestive enzymes. It can boost the metabolic rate, and it can aid the body in nutrient absorption. Also, it is believed that this oil can tone up the intestines and the liver. And research shows that patchouli might relieve constipation or bowel movement problems. 

Anti-inflammatory aid

Patchouli is rich in A-Guinane, a potent anti-inflammatory ingredient, which diminishes inflammation in muscles and joints. As a result, it can help in relieving pains and aches. Numerous studies support the anti-inflammatory properties of patchouli. Experts say it can balance the production of inflammatory markers in cells, which in turn prevents inflammation. 

Skin health aid

A lesser fact known about patchouli is that it can help you in skin health. It aids in regenerating skin cells, and it promotes a smoother complexion. And the best part about it is that it can be used on all skin types. Studies suggest that thanks to its antibacterial properties, patchouli essential oil is useful for dealing with acne and skin infections.

Are there any side effects concerning the use of patchouli?

Mainly, patchouli oil doesn’t cause allergies or irritation when applied to the skin. Still, it is best to use it with caution and never apply undiluted patchouli essential oil to the skin. Keep in mind that patchouli oil can impact blood clotting, and it is not recommended for:

- Those using blood-thinning medication

- Those who recently had surgery

- Those with bleeding disorders

Which is the best way to use patchouli essential oil?

You can use patchouli oil in aromatherapy or topically. If you want to apply it to your skin, it is highly recommended to follow the adequate dilution guidelines. Essential oils can be diluted in carrier oils, like avocado or grapeseed oil. 

If you want to use patchouli oil in aromatherapy, you can put it in a diffuser or steam inhalator. Keep in mind that it needs to be diluted before usage. Also, it is best to use such oil in a well0ventilated area and take a break every 0 minutes. 

The bottom line

The patchouli plant is an interesting health ally. It can offer numerous health benefitsThe Patchouli Plant: Benefits & Uses You Need To Know About!, which is why patchouli essential oil is one of the most popular on the globe. Our recommendation is to use it with care and opt for products that come from sustainable sources. 

Author: Anna

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