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The danger of consuming too many nuts

Admit it! You thought at least once about whether can you eat too many nuts. Studies show nuts are some of the healthiest superfoods you can include in your diet. They are rich in protein, fiber, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

A diet rich in nuts can boost your energy levels and metabolic rate. Besides, nuts keep cravings away and help you feel good about yourself. Still, research indicates that eating too many nuts might lead to serious side effects. This article discusses how many nuts a day you can have and the major drawbacks of eating too many nuts.


Can you eat too many nuts?

Having nuts daily is extremely beneficial for your health. It can protect you against heart disease and several other health problems. But experts say it is possible to have too many nuts per day.

When it comes to how many nuts a day you can include in your meal plan, you should know that the average quantity is 28 grams of nuts per day. This can slightly vary depending on your body’s needs.

Which are the most common side effects of eating too many nuts?

Well, as you probably know already, it is rather simple to eat too many nuts. They are snackable, healthy, and can help you avoid overeating. But eating too many nuts can cause one or more of the following side effects.

#1 Allergic reactions

Sometimes eating too many nuts can lead to nut allergies or sensitivities. Even though these are less common than almond allergies, it is possible to experience them. Some of the symptoms of a nut allergy include itchiness in the mouth, swelling of the tongue, and a scratchy throat.


#2 Weight gain

Even though nuts are your ally in your weight loss journey, eating too many can offer the opposite effect. It would help if you always consumed nuts in moderation to enjoy all the health benefits. Nuts can offer tremendous health benefits if you pay close attention to how many nuts a day is recommended.

#3 Medicine interaction

A lesser-known side effect of eating too many nuts is their interaction with specific medication. Nuts are rich in manganese, and adding too much of this mineral to your diet can be harmful. If you’re suffering from a specific medical condition, you should ask for medical advice concerning how many nuts a day you should have.


#4 Vitamin E overdose

Vitamin E is a core antioxidant for both skin and hair. And there is a so-called vitamin E deficiency most people experience without knowing it. A common cause for it is eating too many nuts. Excess vitamin E consumption can interfere with blood coagulation and several bodily functions.

#5 Digestive problems

Nuts are rich in fiber and support digestive health. But if you have too many, you risk facing serious gas and bloating. Excess intake of fiber-rich foods can lead to constipation and several gastrointestinal problems. Some of the main symptoms of digestive problems due to nuts include bloating, gas, cramps, and diarrhea.


#6 Kidney stones

A lesser-known fact about nuts is that having too many can promote the appearance of kidneys stones. The reason why this happens is that nuts increase the content of calcium oxalates in our bodies, which leads to stone formation.

#7 Toxin increase

Nuts, especially bitter ones, can increase toxins in the body. This is why moderation is key when consuming nuts. Some of the symptoms of a toxic increase due to overconsumption of nuts include spasms and pain.

#8 Nutrient absorption issues

Another side effect of eating too many nuts is a decrease in nutrient absorption. If you have too much fiber in your body, it can interfere with the natural processes of nutrient absorption. Make sure you follow the recommended daily intake of nuts at all times.


The takeaway

Nuts are nutritious superfoods you can have as a daily snack. But besides being extremely beneficial for our healthmixed, they can lead to serious health problems if you consume too many. A balanced meal plan with plenty of nutritious food is vital for your wellbeing. Make sure you discuss with your healthcare provider about the best approach for your body’s needs!

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