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Insights On Rebel Wilson`s Weight Loss Journey

You probably know Rebel Wilson from the all0time famous Hollywood productions such as The Hustle, Pitch Perfect, Bridesmaids, or Isn’t It Romantic. And if you follow Instagram accounts from powerful influencers, you might’ve discovered there is a lot of fuss in 2020 about how Rebel Wilson managed to lose weight. We took a look and found out everything you need to know about the impressive weight loss journey of Rebel Wilson.


Rebel was always proud of her body, as she consistently argued it was her ally to stand out in a skinny crowd. And this got her tremendous success on the screen. Still, in 2020, she announced he had lost a significant amount of weight due to the following tips!

Doing cardio training seven days a week!

Rebel said that her weight loss success happened thanks to her commitment to doing cardio seven days per week! She has a personal trainer that has her doing a lot of cardio, like walking, running, or circuit training. So, Rebel spent several hours in the gym doing battle rope slams, and TRX squats.


Understanding her emotional eating

Another challenging part for Rebel Wilson was making peace with her emotional eating. In an interview, she discussed openly that she had this tremendous issue similar to drug or alcohol addiction. Whenever she is happy or sad, she needs to eat comfort food. And Rebel said this type of reward required a lot of attention from her part to understand its roots and eliminate it.

Small healthier goals for the long run

Wilson said that she believes people fail with weight loss diets due to the fact that they put up such unattainable goals. She said that she focused on small steps and never looked at the broader picture. This helped her follow her weight loss journey without great expectations and by loving her body. Some of her small changes include:

- Not eating dessert every night, but having some from now and then

- Enjoying things you love to drink and eat with moderation and not removing them from your meal plan

- Seizing every opportunity to be more active, such as walking to work or standing up while checking your emails

- Remaining adequately hydrated at all times


Focusing on healthier practices for weight loss

So, if you’re reading this to get some inspiration from Rebel Wilson’s weight loss journey, here are her top healthy practices she swears by to be effective:

- Having a high fiber diet, since high fiber foods offer a constant energy source for your body and prevent cravings

- Having plenty of healthy fats from nuts, seeds, fish, and avocado

- Having plenty of protein, as this aids in slowing digestion and balancing blood sugar levels to keep hunger at bay

- Exercising at least four times per week to keep up your newly achieved weight on the longterm

- Keeping up your confidence and loving your body no matter what

Weight loss meal plan according to Rebel Wilson

High fiber foods

- up to 16 grams of beans

- up to 10 grams of artichokes

- up to 8 grams of peas

- up to 5 grams of broccoli

- up to 8 grams of raspberries

- up to 7 grams of blackberries

- up to 4 grams of oatmeal

Healthy fats

- Fatty fish like herring, tuna, sardines, Atlantic salmon and anchovies

- Walnuts, flaxseeds, almonds, and walnuts

- Eggs

- Grass-fed beef

- Soybean and canola oil

Lean protein

- Skinless chicken, turkey breast pork or soy products

Experts say it is base to create your meal as follows: add ¼ of your plate protein, ¼ grains and/ or starchy vegetables, and ½ fruits and non-starchy vegetables.


The bottom line

We all love Rebel Wilson, as she is one of the leading Hollywood stars for the body positivity movement. And even though she lost significant weight, her curves are still there. She admits she loves her curvy body and, of course, she enjoys her newly achieved weight. However, she stresses the need to love yourself and forget about getting skinny. After allWilson, keeping up a healthy diet is about boosting your health and making your body less exposed to disease. Rebel Wilson encourages her fans to follow only healthy weight loss practices and a thorough exercise routine!

Author: Anna

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