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Exercise That Burns Belly Fat

Exercise That Burns Belly Fat

Usually, when losing weight comes into discussion, the first thing that pops up into our minds is how to get rid of tummy fat. After all, shedding some pounds is supposed to allow us to wear that favorite pair of jeans that don’t fit us anymore, right?

Of course, studies show that losing belly fat can have several health benefits. These include a lower risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, or even some types of cancer. Still, you should know that there are no specific exercises meant to target only belly fat. In reality, a series of workout routines can aid in burning fat faster, which in turn addresses the issue of tummy fat. So, let’s see what the most efficient exercises that burn fat and lead to a flat belly are.


#1 Do some burpees

Burpees are the best solution for addressing tummy fat. It is that type of exercise that puts you to work your core, chest, shoulders, triceps, and quads. And since the main movement in this exercise is all about an explosive plyometric movement, it will boost your blood flow and metabolic rate.

Here’s how to do burpees: stand with your feet shoulder-distance apart. Position your hips back as you lower your body in a squat. Position your hands right outside your feet and hop back, permitting your chest to touch the floor. Push your hands on the floor and lift your body in a plank. And jump your feet just outside your hands. As soon as you feel your weight on your heels, jump into the air with your arms over your head.


#2 Do the Russian twist

Another efficient exercise for burning belly fat faster is the Russian twist. Mainly, this is a core exercise that betters strength and posture. It is done with the aid of a medicine ball, and it requires a smooth rotation of your torso from side to side.

Here’s how to do the Russian twist: sit up on the floor with your knees bent and feet off the ground. Hold the ball with your hands close to your chest height. Lean slightly backward, and position your torso at a 45-degrees angle. Turn your body to the right, pause, and then turn your torso to the left and pause. Repeat this drill for a couple of times, and then relax.


#3 Walk as often as you can

Yes, you read that, right! Walking is another efficient way to burn belly fat. You can do this simple exercise daily, by skipping a ride with the bus. Opt for brisk walking for around 45 minutes. This type of walking routine can do wonders for your body, and it can even help you shed some pounds.


#4 Do some Yoga

Did you know that yoga has a wide array of benefits? Well, it is incredibly beneficial for mental health, it improves mobility, and it provides an overall sense of physical and emotional stability. But at the same time, due to the manner in which yoga poses are designed, it can aid you in burning belly fat quite fast. Yoga builds muscles and boosts your endurance, both being essential for speeding up your metabolism. As such, you will get a flat tummy in no time!


#5 Run as often as you can

We bet you’ve heard that running can aid with burning tummy fat. And at the same time, you found it quite tedious to tackle. But to tell you a secret, a running workout is not all about the running part.

To make the best of it, you should start with a brisk walk for around ten minutes. Transform it into a jog for another ten minutes, and afterward pick up the pace and start running for another ten minutes. Repeat this at least three times in a running session, and your belly fat will become history!


#6 Go for a bike ride

Spending time in nature can do wonders for your mental and physical health. And an excellent way to burn belly fat is to go for a bike ride. You don’t have to sprint your heart out, just stroll around at a constant pace. This will keep your muscles active while increasing your metabolic rate. A 30 minutes bike ride per day can aid you in getting rid of that belly fat.


This being said, there are quite a few exercises you can use to burn belly fat. And you don’t need expensive equipment to do so. You can start with some simple, at-home workouts and combine them with a brisk walk every day. Still, keep in mind that exercising is not enough for achieving a flat tummy. Specialists recommends adding to your daily diet foods that aid with the fat burning process and feed you nutritious nutrients. In this wayExercise That Burns Belly Fat, you will achieve the desired flat tummy while maintaining your health at its best.

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