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Military Diet, healthy eating

Military Diet

When we think of a term “military diet”, strict regimens requiring full focus, strength of will and perseverance probably come to mind. Nonetheless, the real military diet stands for none of those - it has been rumored by its creator that soldiers used it to get fit quickly. In reality, it does not demand a lot of determination or giving up much - you will see that and more in this article.

What type of a diet is military diet?

Military diet falls under the category of short - term calorie restriction diets and to be honest, it is the only thing that it relies on to provide its effects. During the first three days of it, one has to restrict their calorie intake adequately to 1400 kcal, 1200 kcal and 1100 kcal. They are mostly protein while carbohydrates and fats are significantly limited. After that, a person is allowed to go back to regular, healthy eating. Such a solution, according to the diet’s designer, promises effective and fast weight loss.

What are you allowed to eat during “the 3 days”?

The particular foods you can eat are already imposed and you cannot change them unless you have strong food allergies or are vegetarian/vegan. This may sound worrying and unpleasant but military diet propagates eating more of regular food, swerving rather towards its unhealthy side - among the allowed dishes you can find ice cream or hot dogs. Here’s a full record of what you can eat during the first free days of the diet:

•   grapefruit

•   bananas

•   whole - wheat bread in small amounts

•   carrots

•   broccoli

•   meat

•   tuna

•   eggs

•   hot dogs

•   ice cream

You can also drink only water, tea or coffee, nothing else.

Is military diet healthy?

As you have probably wondered yourself, having looked at the allowed foods list, the military diet is of uncertain health benefits - it should be considered if it has any, according to dieticians and doctors. All of them agree that military diet cannot, in its current state, provide you with adequate amount and kinds of needed nutrients during those three days; it is absolutely impossible. While following the diet, you will be barely getting any vitamins, minerals, fiber or antioxidants which are required to carry out metabolic processes on a normal basis, let alone you won’t be getting enough of the major energy - giving food groups like carbohydrates or fats - they are also essential for the body to function properly. Furthermore, because of the former reason, the diet may make you feel week and dizzy, you will find it harder to think and focus or simply carry on with your day. Undoubtedly, such a diet is prohibited in the long run since it leads to severe under - and malnutrition.

Is military diet effective?

Because it is calorie restricting, yes, it is effective but only short - term. If somebody wants to quickly loose weight for a big night or so then it is the only acceptable scenario where the diet would actually serve its purpose (nevertheless there are healthier ways to achieve that). After the mentioned three daysMilitary Diet, healthy eating, a person will certainly experience a fast and massive weight gain of an even worse intensity than before having tried the diet.

Can I work out during military diet?

Here is another questionable aspect of following the diet - it is actually dangerous for you to work out or be physically active in any other way when doing so. All you get during the three days are so - called empty and yet restricted calories what puts you at risk of fainting and losing consciousness.

Author: Chloe

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