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Rose Essential Oil

The Aromatic Rose Essential Oil

Essential Oils are commonly used for aromatherapy. Rose Essential Oil is a popular Essential Oil that packs a multitude of therapeutic effects. It is sourced from the compounds extracted from the Rosa Damascena plant. The health experts believe inhaling Rose Essential Oil relaxes the mind by stimulating the limbic system. This system is responsible for triggering the nerve signals that invoke soothing effects. It is very much possible to control the heart rate and stress level along with improving brain function and immunity with its regular usage.

Rose Essential Oil

The Production of Rose Essential Oil

The sweet and romantic scent of roses dates back to 2300 BC. The unique and forever lasting aroma of Rose Essential Oil makes it immortal just like diamonds. There are about 150 different varieties of roses in the world. Only two of them Rosa Damascena and Rosa Centifolia are used for curating the most natural form of Rose Oil. The Rose Essential Oil is obtained by steam distillation or fractionation process. About 1 million rose petals are required to obtain 1 Kg of pure Rose Essential Oil. The quality of Oil depends on temperature and humidity as well.

Rose Essential Oil

Health Benefits of Rose Essential Oil

Rose Essential Oil delivers the perfect therapy due to its heavenly aroma. There is a long list of scientifically proven health benefits of Rose Essential Oil.

● Relieves Stress

Rose Essential Oil infuses a calm and rejuvenating feeling to its users. The elegant and feminine aroma is quickly sensed by the nervous system. It decreases the heart rate and reduces anxiety.

● Improves Menopausal System

Women who regularly use Rose Essential Oil show improved menopausal system functionality (controlled hot flashes). They also display greater muscle flexibility and limited mood swing events.

● Reduces Menstrual Cramps

When Rose Essential Oil is blended with Lavender, Almond, and Clove Oils and massaged over the abdomen, it relieves the extreme menstrual pain. The Oil mix should be applied for 5-6 days prior to menstruation for the best effects.

Rose Essential Oil

● Enhances Skin

The magical oil improves the skin texture and controls many of the keratinocyte’s differentiation-related skin diseases. It can be a boon for people who care a lot about their looks. It effectively fights skin diseases such as psoriasis and dermatitis. A skin massage with a blend of Rose, Almond, and Orange Essential Oil may lighten the scars or stretch marks post-delivery in women.

● Sedates Inflammation

The antinociceptive properties of Rose Essential Oil can reduce inflammation. It can calm down high fever. This Oil is often recommended in cases of microbial infection.

● Alleviates Spasms

Rose Essential Oil efficiently relieves spasms in the intestine, muscles or respiratory systems. It is known to treat convulsions, crampsRose Essential Oil, and spasmodic cholera.

Rose Essential Oil

● Protection against Viruses

The proper treatment of a viral attack is still very tricky. Even with all the modern technologies doctors are facing a hard time fighting the viruses. The viruses have a tendency to mutate and trick the medicines. This is the biggest challenge. Prevention is the best cure in these cases. Rose Essential Oil acts as an antiviral agent and improves a person’s immunity against diseases.

● The Perfect Aphrodisiac

Roses have been the symbol of love for centuries. The scent of roses carries amazing romanticism with them. Inhaling Rose Essential Oil can arouse you and boost your libido. It can be a helpful agent in improving sex life.

Rose Essential Oil

Rose Essential Oil is a highly concentrated solution. You should never use it directly. It must always be mixed with some other lighter carrier oils like almond or olive oil to have a long-lasting effect. Pregnant women should completely avoid it. Roses are a great gift from nature and using Rose Essential Oil is one of the most natural ways to enjoy them. 

Author: Shreeya

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