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Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is all about the eating habits of southern European countries. It focuses on plant foods, olive oil, fish, beans or grains. But keep in mind that there is no unique Mediterranean diet, as the concept led to several variations. 

It is common knowledge that one of the healthiest ways to eat is the Mediterranean diet. It offers several health benefits from diminishing chronic pain to preventing some types of cancer. 

And if you are interested in starting a healthy diet, read on to find out interesting facts about the Mediterranean diet

Mediterranean Diet

What are the benefits of a Mediterranean diet?

1. It lowers the chances of experiencing chronic pain

benefit of following the Mediterranean diet is that it lowers the chances of having chronic pain episodes. This is a result of the anti-inflammatory foods recommended with this diet, such as fish, nuts or beans.

2. The Mediterranean diet supports heart health

Another advantage of adhering to a Mediterranean diet is that it protects the hearth. Studies show that this type of diet makes it less likely to develop heart disease. Eating less red meat, sugars or saturated fats can boost and support heart health.

Mediterranean Diet

3. It boosts brain health

A vast study done on the effects of the Mediterranean diet focused on its impact on the brain. It was observed that daily consumption of nuts and olive oil shields the brain against oxidative damage. At the same time, it can turn out to be effective in fighting cognitive decline in specific diseases.

4. It prevents cancer

Recent studies done on women that lived in the Mediterranean showed that they are less likely to develop uterine or breast cancer. Scientists say that olive oil is the one that can shield cells and prevent damage, while it can feed the body the necessary nutrients to ward off potential dangers.

Mediterranean Diet

How to follow a Mediterranean diet?

This is one of the simplest diets to follow if you take into account the following tips.

- First of all, commit to using only olive oil. Extra-virgin olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids that better cholesterol, improve blood circulation and support cardiovascular health. Also, you can swap butter for olive oil, as it is that kind of ingredient that mixes perfectly with any dish.

- The main protein source in the Mediterranean diet is fish. It is recommended to opt for salmon, sardines or mackerel, as those are packed with omega-3 fatty acids. Moreover, to receive all the benefits of a Mediterranean meal plan is best to use parchment paper for cooking fish. 

Mediterranean Diet

- Commit to healthy snacks such as fruits and nuts. Nuts are rich in fiber and minerals that support digestive health.

- An important aspect of a Mediterranean diet is the concept of mindful eating. Eating like the Mediterraneans refers to sitting at the table with your loved ones and enjoying every single bite of your food. Eating in front of the tv or on the rush is a big no-no with this diet.

- Don’t forget about the wine. Nutritionists advise that you can add from now and then a glass of wine to your diet. Consumed mindfully, while eating, will better your mood and offer additional health benefits.

Mediterranean Diet

Eating the Mediterranean way can be quite easy if you follow those tips. It is a rather tasty and healthy diet, that will make you enjoy every dish. Moreover, this is more about a style of eatingMediterranean Diet, than committing to a harsh diet to shed some pounds. In other words: this is the diet you won’t stress over. And less stress will allow you to enjoy a happy life!

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