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Goats’ Milk Is a Superfood, Bank of Health Benefits

Known as a super-food, goat's milk has numerous proven benefits to human health for millennia. Goats’ milk is capable of boosting additional health benefits. It is highly nutritive, digestive and healthy in comparison to another alternative. Goats milk help to reduce or completely cure symptoms of eczema, asthma, bloatedness, constipation, digestive discomfort, and catarrh.


Other Reasons That Confirm The Anecdotal Benefits Of Goat's Milk Are As Follows:

1) Less Alpha S1 Casein Level

Goat's milk is a source of high-quality protein. Additionally, it significantly has lower levels of Alpha- S1-casein protein (which made cow’s milk intolerable to some people). But it is always advisable to take goats' milk after having advice from allergy consultant in case the user is being diagnosed with the cow's milk allergy.

Moreover, goats' milk is filled with A2 Casein which makes it comparable with human breast milk in terms of protein.


2) Different Variety of Proteins and Fats

Although the fat content of goats’ milk is similar to cow’s milk, the fat globules in goats’ milk are naturally much smaller in size. The protein composition of goats’ milk allows forming a softer curd during the digestion process that further assists the gut health and comfort.

3) Goats Milk Is Highly Nutritious

It has plenty of essential vitamins and minerals. Moreover, it contains a higher amount of potassium, iron, carbohydrates, sugar, sodium, vitamin A and vitamin C in comparison to cow’s milk.


4) Calcium Enriched

20 ml serving of goats' milk or dairy products are sufficient to provide a 100% of calcium requirement for an adult body. Calcium through milk and dairy products is easily absorbed and used by the body. Moreover, calcium is essential for the development, maintenance of bones and teeth, normal muscle functioning, normal blood clotting. Goats' milk Calcium also helps the body to produce energy.


5) Lower Lactose Content

The lactose (the natural sugar found in milk and dairy products) in goats' milk is slightly less than cow’s milk. So goat’s milk is an option for people with lactose intolerance.

6) Lesser Cholesterol

Naturally, Goats' milk has a lower dietary cholesterol level then the whole cow's milk.


7) Helps Control Blood Pressure

Goat milk and yogurt are the sources of calcium and potassium. These two minerals are important for lowering blood pressure and maintaining overall heart health.

Click here to know more: https://www.sthelensfarm.co.uk/health-benefits

8) Rich in Essential Minerals

Goats' milk is a rich source of essential minerals like Phosphorus that helps to build and maintain strong bones and teeth and release energy from food. Daily iodine requirement can be met through goats' milk. Goat milk is a rich source of chloride which is important for healthy digestion. Additionally, it is also rich in minerals such as potassium, copper, and zinc.


9) A Good Source of Essential Vitamins

Goats' milk provides vitamin B5 which helps the body to produce energy and reduce tiredness. The B vitamin provided by milk is important for nerve system, skin and hair. And vitamin A content from the milk is needed for healthy skin and vision.

10) Prebiotic

Goats' milk has more oligosaccharides (non-digestible carbohydrates) than cows' milk. This act as probiotics in the gut and maintains the health of the digestive tract and gut microbiome by increasing the growth of beneficial gut bacteria.

11) Prevents Arteriosclerosis

Goats' milk helps to prevent arteriosclerosis. The milk contains a limited amount of the enzyme, xanthine oxidase. This enzyme is responsible for causing heart issues in entering the bloodstream. Goat’s milk contains xanthine oxidase in very less quantity and hence can prevent arteriosclerosis.


12) Anemia Prevention

Nutrients in goat’s milk, such as calcium, irongoat, magnesium and phosphorous get easily digested in the human body and used by the body readily. The milk enhances the body’s ability to use iron and boost the regeneration of hemoglobin. Goats' milk is very effective to treat osteoporosis and combat anemia.

Hope these reasons are enough to switch over to goat milk that does not require homogenization.

Author: Sunita

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