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Daily Face Masks

Daily Face Masks For Glowing Skin

Every one of us likes to pamper themselves from time to time and feel more special than usual - face masks provide that feeling. The today market has developed miscellaneous formulas, from truly nourishing to even entertaining ones, with funny consistencies and surprising colours. We can choose a sheet mask with a tiger print on or unwind for a moment having applied our beloved regular mask - it doesn’t matter, it still leaves us feeling refreshed and well - groomed. Nonetheless, have you ever thought about having such an indulging experience everyday instead of once in a while? We have checked if this is a good idea as well as what types of a face mask are best suitable for everyday use. 


First of all, what is the purpose of a face mask?

For many, a face mask may seem as a redundant step in one’s face care routine; some even deny its effectiveness, claiming it doesn’t really do anything. Is that so? Naturally, there is a grain of truth in these words however not to a significantly great extent. It has been dermatologically proven that not all of the beneficial ingredients do penetrate through the layers of the skin from any type of a mask - this process is somehow limited and depends on multipile factors like the time of applying the mask, whether the chosen formula is particularly good for one’s condition or whether the product itself is well formulated. If we adjust these factors properly, we can exploit the product’s health - giving properties to their maximum. Having achieved that, a face mask gives the skin an instant boost of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants plus it hydrates or purifies, taking one’s needs into consideration. Not all ingredients can be found in other face care items like creams or essences - a mask is a great adjunctive here to help with achieving specific goals and results. 


When and how often should a face mask be applied?

This question awakens the curiosity of a lot of people in the skin care world - here it is going to be answered. Since a face mask falls under the category of highly - concentrated products, it is the best if it is applied in the evening, before going to bed at night. This way, the excess of the ingredients which normally would not have enough time to penetrate the skin layers, have a chance to do so. Additionally, one will wake up with a more glowing and brighter skin!


Another concern is how often a face mask should be applied - according to the prevailing skin rituals in South Korea, it shall be done at least twice a week. We agree however one could really benefit from doing it everyday - it just has to be planned well. One may worry if the skin will get “overloaded” with ingredients nevertheless the masks of more targeted action can be used e.g. on the weekends; this way such an unwanted effect is prevented. On the rest of the days plainer masks can be applied e.g. with hydrating or soothing properties. 

What face masks should I use?

This question can apply to the type of a mask - sheet or regular and to its targeted action. 


The point of a sheet mask is that the ingredients do not really have a way to escape the skin - they get transferred from the sheet onto the skin and either get absorbed or stay on its surface. As mentioned earlier, the beneficial substances can get maximally absorbed if one does a sheet mask at night. 

The potential of regular face masks, on the other hand, have more chances to be wasted - they get washed off the skin after a short time. Still, a great part of their ingredients can get absorbed if other concentrated products hadn’t been applied beforehand  so they are definitely worth being given a try! Plus, they are fun and relaxing!


Now, to what types of masks one should use. For the “regular days” go for a moisturizing/soothing masks with e.g. glycerin, hyaluronic acid and shea butter - these are the ultimate key active ingredients. During the “targeted care” days, focus on the particular skin concerns you do struggle with:

•   go for a clay mask if you want to purify clogged pores or alleviate acne

•   if you want to get rid of hyperpigmentationDaily Face Masks, choose a formula rich in vitamin C

•   an antioxidant product is always great whether one wants to postpone skin aging or prevent sun/pollution damage - look for masks containing vitamin E and plant extracts (they are full of flavonoids and polyphenols)

in case of the weakened skin a mask with an addition of healthy bacteria can help replenish the impaired skin barrier.

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