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Under-eye wrinkles: causes and how to prevent them

Wrinkles represent a natural response of our skin in the aging process. Still, these lines are more evident on sun-exposed skin, like the face, neck, hands, and under-eye area. Genetics can play an essential role in the appearance of wrinkles, but the primary factor of under-eye wrinkles is sun exposure without sunscreen. Overall, aging signs can occur due to pollutants, smoking, and unhealthy lifestyle. If you are struggling with under-eye wrinkles, read on to discover what are the leading causes and how to prevent this type of wrinkles.


What causes under-eye wrinkles?

#1 Rubbing your eyes

The skin around your eyes is one of the most delicate on your body. And as a consequence, it is predisposed to immediate damage. Rubbing your eyes stretches the skin, breaks down collagen and elastin, and leads to the early onset of wrinkles.  

#2 Not wearing sunglasses

Another cause of under-eye wrinkles is not wearing sunglasses. Squinting at the sun stresses the muscles between your brows and around your eyes, which leads to overlying skin to crease. And the major side effect of squinting is Crow’s feet! 


#3 Having a diet rich in sugars

Sweets are indeed appealing and tasty. But did you know that overeating sugar can lead to under-eye wrinkles? Well, studies reveal that those ingesting too much refined sugar on a daily basis, have issues with elastin and collagen production, which leads to dull, wrinkly skin.

#4 Not getting enough sleep

We can’t stress enough how many benefits sleep has on our bodies! And this applies to our skin face, too. If you don’t get the recommended amount of good night rest, your skin won’t regenerate overnight, which can cause premature aging and under-eye wrinkles.

#5 Spending too much time on your smartphone

Recently, medical practitioners stressed the need to leave our smart devices and allow our eyes to relax. Besides, this type of action leads to lines and wrinkles to form around your eyes, as you constantly squint and frown.


#6 Chewing gum

Did you know that a simple activity such as chewing a piece of gum can stress and alter the restorative processes on your face skin? Well, this type of chewing has a direct impact on your cheeks and impedes proper collagen production. This leads to a lack of elasticity and fine lines under your eyes.

#7 Improper skincare routine

Not tending to your skin’s needs can damage your complexion’s health and appearance. No matter what age you are, you should always clean your skin both in the morning and in the evening. Besides, you should apply a moisturizer on your face and a special cream for the skin around your eyes. Doing so will prevent premature aging and several skin health issues.

How to prevent under-eye wrinkles

So, now that you know the leading causes of under-eye wrinkles and premature aging, you need to take into account the following to avoid these issues.

#1 Apply an SPF cream daily

The first step you need to take to prevent under-eye wrinkles is to shield your skin against UV radiation. So, use a face moisturizer with broad-spectrum protection, and make sure you apply an eye cream that is both a moisturizer and a sunscreen.


#2 Always wear a hat and sunglasses

Covering your face will prevent sun rays from exposing your skin directly to UV rays. Also, sunglasses support eye health and keep the skin around your eyes adequately shielded against additional damage. 

#3 Sleep on your back

Specialists recommend you avoid sleeping on your stomach, as this can stress the skin on your face and impede proper hydration. Instead, you should sleep on your back, as this position is the least stressful, especially for your under-eye skin. 

#4 Stop smoking and reduce alcohol consumption

The primary causes of premature aging are unhealthy lifestyle choices such as smoking and drinking alcohol. So, if you want to prevent fine lines and wrinkles on your complexion, you should stop smoking and consuming alcoholic beverages. Instead, adopt a healthy meal plan that has plenty of vitamins and minerals to support your skin’s restorative processes.

#5 Always hydrate your skin

Dehydrate skin is dull, saggy, and exposed to damage. It can lead to the early onset of aging, which is why it is always best to moisturize your complexion twice a day. Use face creams with Aloe Vera, honey, or lemon extract, as they are famous for their ability to boost water absorption in your face skin and fight free radicals damage. 


Now that you know the significant causes and solutions for under-eye wrinkles, it is time for you to take special care for your skin. Always remember that the skin represents the most significant organ our body has, but at the same, it is the one that suffers the most. Free radical damage has a direct and immediate effect on our skinUnder-eye, which is why it is best to adopt a skincare routine.

Author: Anna

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