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the 5-Factor Diet

Let’s Make Out About the 5-Factor Diet

Celebrities like Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian have always flaunted their perfect figures at Red carpet. If you want to know their fitness secret, read the article to the end to know the diet they follow besides hitting the gym.

the 5-Factor Diet

5- Factor diet

This weight loss program has been developed by fitness trainer Harley Pasternak along with Myatt Murphy. With its help, he had managed to bring many celebrities to get and retain their perfect body-shape.

According to this diet, five meals a day have to be consumed by the practitioner, consisting of five ingredients from five food groups. The diet has to accompany 5-5 minutes of exercise regime every day.

the 5-Factor Diet

Components of the diet

5-factor diet works on 5 meals each day consumption principle. Each meal is made up of five nutritional components:

·  Lean protein

·  Complex carbohydrate

·  Fiber

·  Good fat

·  Sugar-free drink

The chosen food items are based on their Glycemic index (GI), which rates food according to their effect on blood sugar levels.

The diet is constituted of foodstuff with low GI and high fiber contents so that craving and overeating can be controlled via blood sugar level stability. Additionally, protein and high fiber helps in weight loss and adds good nutrients to the body.

the 5-Factor Diet

Also, exercise must accompany the diet plan because regular exercise contributes 50% to the weight loss program. He suggested 5 exercises to be done 5 days each week for about five minutes each. Exercises included are:

1) Cardio

2) Upper body strength,

3) Lower body strength,

4) Core training

5) Fat burning cardio workout.

The haves of the diet

the 5-Factor Diet

· Lean proteins

Proteins are must-have in all 5 daily means but it should be lean coming from fish, egg whites, skinless chicken, cottage cheese chicken breast and seafood, etc.

· Complex carbohydrates

Complex carbohydrates are included moderately in all meals coming from whole grains, legumes, oatmeal, sweet potato, quinoa, fruits, and vegetables with the tab on GI( under 80). Most of the carbohydrates are also a good source of fiber, doubling up for five essential components of each daily meal.

the 5-Factor Diet

· Healthy fats

Healthy fats serve the purpose of feeling you fuller and provide nutrients like Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish, cooking oils like olive, grapeseed or canola, and avocados.

the 5-Factor Diet

· Fluids

Every mail is accompanied with the sugar-free beverage such as water, diet soda or unsweetened tea, coffee.

Cheat day to relish

5-factor diet advocates 1 cheat day a week so that the diet follower can relish upon the food of their choice. No supplements are needed in this diet. However, protein powders and high protein ready-to-drink supplements are consumable occasionally.

the 5-Factor Diet

Foods to avoid

Pasternak recommended avoiding simple carbs found in foodstuff like white bread, pasta, white rice, white potatoes, etc.

Goods in favor of a diet

The diet has been favored for the following benefits;-

1) All food groups are part of it

2) Dine out anywhere in the world

3) Attend social events

4) No need to count calories

5) Easy to prepare recipes and meals

6) Exercises included keep body toned

7) No dangerous supplements

Bad against the diet

1) Egg whites only and non-fat dairy food items do not provide taste as reduce fat or a full-fat version of these items can. Many healthy recipes can be created using later versions.

2) Lack of ingredients in most of the recipes kills the flavor

3) Glycemic index is a complicated standard


Weight loss comes from the simple rule of calorie intake being on the lesser side of calories burnt. Irrespective of the number of meals you consume, if you burn more calories than your intakethe 5-Factor Diet, you will lose weight for sure.

The 5-factor diet is a useful framework least you stick to the norms or try finding something else that suits you better!

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