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Effect of Soy on Breast Cancer

Effect of Soy on Breast Cancer

‘Breast Cancer’ these two words can make anybody terrified and no one can also deny the fact that it is one of the most frequently occurring fatal diseases, impacting 2.1 million women each year. Well! With the advancement in science and technology, there are many countries where the survival rate has increased over the years and with better treatment and medication one can easily survive and win this battle.     

Many believe that the risk of fatal disease depends on the lifestyle we follow, and a lot has been anticipated on the foods that we eat.

You are aware of the fact that soy are a great source of plant protein, apart from protein it has many essential nutrients present in it like carbs, fat, fiber, vitamin, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and many more which help in lowering blood cholesterol, improves fertility in women and many others which result in the overall goof functioning of the body.    

Soy can be consumed in many different forms, like soybeans, soymilk, tofu, soya sauce and many more.

When it is associated with providing so many health benefits, then one can get a question popping in his head ‘whether it is equally good for breast cancer patient or what kind of effect does it have on it?’

Effect of Soy on Breast Cancer

Here, In This Blog, We’ll be Trying To Discuss What The Effects Of Consuming Soy On Breast Cancer Are:

§ Assumption on Soy

A lot of people have a notion that consuming soy and its product increases the risk of breast cancer. It may be because of plant based estrogens which is called as phytoestrogens found in soybeans could be harmful.

The assumption is that soy food sources increase cancer cells growth and may act in opposition to anti-estrogen medications, thereby increasing risk of breast cancer. However, the truth is that, isoflavones in soybeans are phytoestrogen particles that are selective estrogen receptor modulators, like Tamoxifen, a drug used in breast cancer treatment and prevention. Therefore, instead of feeding cancer cells, intake of soy food reduces the risk of having antiestrogenic effects and subsequently reduces breast cancer risk.

Now, that you know the myth going around the intake of soy on breast cancer, it is equally important to see what are the world wide results of soy products on the probability of having breast cancer and how much soy should be taken not only to reduce the risk of breast cancer but also for the proper functioning of the body. These sections are further discussed below.

Effect of Soy on Breast Cancer

What Happens When Women Consume Soy Product

Soy intake is not only safe but can be beneficial. The most extensive observational population studies done on Asian and U.S. women have shown below results:

ü Women who have been regularly consuming soy products are less prone to the risk of breast cancer than those who have stayed away from it.

ü Studies have also resulted that cancer survivors who have been taking it regularly are at lower risk of breast cancer recurrence compared with those who avoid it.

Keeping this in mind, we are now sure that its consumption is safe, and people can include soy in their lifestyle without any hesitation. Also, the cancer survivors only need to have a good lifestyle, maintain optimal weight, eat healthy foods and consume soy foods for their good health.

How Much It Should Be Taken

As you already know a large variety of soy food are readily available in the market right from soybean to soymilk, tofu and many more. It is recommended to have at least 16-25 gram of soy intake everyday (about 3-4 servings of soy) so that the body receives all the nutrients in appropriate amount.

Bottom Lines

Soy foods and their benefits are well established, and they are healthy for women with breast cancer. Always opt for the healthy lifestyle that provides you with abundant good health and try to stop believing in any hearsayEffect of Soy on Breast Cancer, rather consult your doctor on the same.

Author: Sunita

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